Get Paid

Get Paid a full stack of APIs that offers the technology for merchants to be able to accept payments from cards and bank accounts and alternative payment methods like mobile money payment schemes via their acquiring banks.

Card Payments

  1. Important Parameters to Note
    1. Authorization Model: This is a function for the method of security to charge your consumer’s payment card.
      1. Available Options include:
        • PIN: This authorization model will require the payment cards’ ATM PIN to complete authorization. This can only be used for MasterCard & Verve Cards
        • BVN: BVN is Bank Verification No & this authorization model is exclusive to Nigeria. Here, the Bank Verification No linked to the Payment Card is verified via SMS or Voice Verification. The verification token gotten by the cardholder via SMS or Voice Verification is required to complete authorization. This model supports all payment cards from Nigeria
        • RANDOM DEBIT: Random Debit is similar to PayPal mode of verification of linked cards. Here a random amount is debited from the payment card real-time and the debited amount is required for final authorization. This is supported by MasterCard & VISA
        • VBV/SECURECODE: This authorization model used the 3DS methods for authorization, Verified By Visa for Visa cards and Securecode for Mastercard. This can only be used for Visa and Mastercard cards. The payload must include a responseurl value, a responseHtml variable is sent back in the response, that must be decrypted using your API key and loaded into a browser where the VBV/Securecode validation takes place and control is sent back to the responseurl supplied in the original request.
        • NOAUTH: This authorization model allows a transaction go through without any authorization, This is particularly useful for card present / ussd channels & low risk transaction. Clients with customer auth systems can use this as their underlying model for bespoke models.
    2. Country Selector: Country Selector Switch in Get Paid APIs allows a client to target a specific geography where your cardholders & target market are located. Passing this 2-letter parameter helps us route your transaction FROM your desired destination. Below is a list of supported countries and their available currencies
      • NG: Nigeria
        • NGN
        • USD
        • GBP
        • EUR
      • GH: GHANA
        • GHS
        • USD
        • USD
      • KE: KENYA
        • KES
        • USD
      • UK: United Kingdom
        • GBP
        • USD
        • EUR

Hit us up to activate your desired location for you!

Get Paid API Flow is:
1. Tokenize & Charge
  a. Validate ( Required Only for BVN,PIN & RANDOM DEBIT auth model)
2. Recurrent Charge ( Using the token from the Step 1 )

Tokenize & Charge


The response payload could also look like the sample below where the responsecode:02 indicates a transaction in need of validation, the /validate endpoint needs to be called in this case to complete transaction. Transactions that need validation are those where the authmodel is PIN, BVN or RANDOM_DEBIT.

Validate (Required Only for BVN,PIN & RANDOM DEBIT auth model)


For calls from the previous endpoint that return a responsecode:02, they need to be validated with this call. Transactions that need validation are those where the authmodel is PIN, BVN or RANDOM_DEBIT. In the case of RANDOM_DEBIT, OTP would be an amount like 1.20, which the customer should provide in full like that.

The responsetoken can be used for the previous call for subsequent charges.

Recurrent Charge

The responsetoken could be saved and used to charge the card sent in request payload using the alternate /pay endpoint described below.

For subsequent charges on tokenized cards (where the integrator has the token saved from the previous /pay or the /tokenize call)